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AR/VR Residency -Portland US.


In November last year I was lucky enough to be accepted on an artist residency in Portland, Oregon. The residency was organised by Thomas Weuster and Theo Downes-le-Guin in coordination with UpFor Gallery (Theo’s gallery) and Oregon Storyboard.

I wanted to capture a small essence of what this trip meant for me and my practice, as well as the conversations of VR as an artistic medium. Having finished my MA in August 2016, this was a quick catapult into a professional environment. Through meeting the fellow residents Victoria, Rosa and Yaloo, I learnt of their experiences in the art world, some of whom had been on the road with their work for some time! These were artists who had been part of a number of residencies and exemplified the positive effects it had had on their practice. Meeting people from around the world with similar interests seems to be the overwhelming joy of each of their experiences.

I’m not going to capture what it was in 1 post. This is just a short intro to the time I had in Portland…

I arrived the day before the US Election 2016… in which a potentially dangerous bigoted idiot was elected.

This account is going to start at the end.